Leann and I grew up in a large Catholic family.  We have 3 other siblings, an older sister and brother, and one younger sister. So we're in the middle! Our mother, Shirley, was baptized into the church after marrying our father Theodore.  Together they raised us to know and love God, through mass, school and prayer.  They also led by example.  

We are so blessed to still have them in our lives, with them both celebrating their 90th birthdays this year! When we started our planner project, they were an inspiration as always. Their faith is part of their daily lives. 

As our concept solidified, we got very excited about our farming theme, and how much fun we could have with visuals.  But who would we ask to design them? We are both creative, but not really artistic! It came to me one evening-what about Mom? She IS artistic! So I jumped on the phone and explained what we needed.  She was excited to give it a try.  And you'll see that her drawings are now our stickers!! We enlisted another friend, Katie, to turn these pencil works of art into digital images that would become stickers.  Katie also designed more for us, including our cover and bookmark art.  

Enjoy these special stickers, knowing they were works of LOVE! 

Spiritual Seeds Planner Sticker Book

November 03, 2019 — Julie Rood
Tags: Love Tools


Denise said:

LOVE these stickers! Knowing who created them makes them even more special! You are an inspiration to me, Shirley! When I grow up, I want to be like you 🥰

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