Is your work at-home wardrobe a little more than casual? Time for a new approach. 

Traditionally, what to wear has been considered one of the most important decisions of the day, but I’m beginning to think that has changed. It appears the new “work at home” situation, has people dressing different, more casual. I’m wondering if what we wear is less important or if we’re just thinking about it differently.

Let’s get real, we’ve all stood in our closet staring at the vast assortment of clothing options, trying to make the big decision. 

There are three primary considerations typically used for choosing what to wear: 

  1. What’s on my schedule - work, housecleaning, lunch with a friend, workout, or maybe a trip to the pumpkin patch and taking care of the kids all day? 
  2. Who’s going to see me – my boss, co-workers, customer, friends, or just the family? 
  3. Where will I be going - the office, gym, grocery store, church or am I staying home all day?

Let’s not forget, there’s also an emotional element that occasionally enters the decision making process. If we’re feeling fat, we go straight for the sweats. If we’re feeling happy or excited about the day’s events, we may get creative and go for something we think really expresses our personality and makes us stand out.

These questions still seem to govern the decision making process today, but some of the answers have taken on new meaning. For example, for those of us who are now working from a home office, a workday used to dictate a business or business casual outfit. Today, a typical workday outfit may consist of sweats or pajamas. We may still be seeing our boss or co-workers, but it’s on a Zoom call instead of in person, which means we can throw a blouse or sweater on top, with our pajamas on the bottom. After all, why bother with what no one can see. Of course, the emotional element can still take over the entire process. I’ve had a couple of days when I was feeling exceptionally unmotivated where I didn’t even put on make-up. I stayed in my pajamas all day and simply turned off the video on conference calls. Afterall, what does it matter? Who cares what I’m wearing?

The truth is that God cares what we’re wearing, and He has an outfit picked out. Colossians 3:12-14 tells us to get dressed in the outfit God has picked out for us: compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and discipline, to be even-tempered and to forgive freely. And regardless of what else we put on - wear LOVE as our basic garment. Never be without it! 

Wow! I have to admit, I’ve never seen anyone covered in Love that didn’t look great! 

It goes with everything and looks good on everyone. People that wear LOVE stand out in a room, even on a call. 

Post Colossians 3:12-14 on the wall of your closet. Each morning as you stand at the closet door, read the words and choose to put on LOVE. Never get dressed without it. It’s the foundation of every great outfit.

If we take on this new approach, we can look forward to getting dressed in the morning, because we already know what to wear  regardless of our schedule, who we’re going to see or where we’re going. We’ll look our best every day!

October 24, 2020 — Leann Maxwell-Muir

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