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Welcome to the Fruit of the Month Club. No, there will not be a box of luscious fruit on your doorstep each month. The fruit we’re talking about is much more satisfying. It’s the Fruit of the Spirit, which has no limit and no law against it! Think about it, something we can indulge in everyday without restraint or regret. There’s nothing else like it. And, I can’t even imagine opposition. Who would oppose more LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, SELF CONTROL? Let’s dig in!

In our Annual Fruit Inspection, we assessed the condition of each Spiritual Fruit within our four garden plots and chose the gardening action best suited to start or promote additional fruit growth.

Now, we’re going to choose a Fruit of the Month for closer examination and focused gardening.  We’ll dig deeper in each garden plot to get down to the details of what’s stimulating or hindering growth. Then, we’ll create a list of gardening actions designed to increase and ripen our Fruit of the Month.

From your Annual Fruit Inspection, write the gardening action (PLANT, CULTIVATE, GROW) needed for your Fruit of the Month in each plot. Now’s a great time to start using stickers. Instead of writing the gardening action, simply use a sticker from your sticker book.

Take as much time as needed for your Fruit of the Month examination. Start by reviewing the Fruit definition and corresponding scripture on your bookmark. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for insight and guidance. Write details of current condition-struggles, desires, who is affected, feelings and such in each plot. The deeper you go; the more fruit will grow!

Here’s an example of Monthly Plotting.

Monthly Plotting example


Watch for weeds!

Here’s some of the most common and pervasive.


Next step is designing our gardening action plan for the month. Again, start by praying and asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. Review the definitions of our gardening actions – PLANT + CULTIVATE + GROW (on the instruction page of the planner). Focus on the gardening action previously chosen best suited for current fruit condition, but feel free to add other gardening actions if needed. List actions to be performed throughout the month for maximum fruit growth. Be specific – who, what, when, how. Include some daily actions, reflective actions, fun progressive actions.

Here's an example of gardening actions.

Fruit of the Month: JOY

Ideas: Plant + Cultivate + Grow

Learn a new hobby or skill that brings you and others JOY

Sing a song of praise in my worst moment

Ask how much JOY an item will provide before making a purchase

Give thanks to God for creating me & smile at myself each morning

Listen to some praise & worship music - maybe even dance a little while no ones looking

Post a promise from God somewhere I can see each day - personalize it

Daily - Ask the Holy Spirit to fill me with JOY

Plan a family activity that all will enjoy (game night)

Surprise a family member with a complimentary text

Take a family member to lunch

Call and check on an elderly family member, offer help

Invite family members to church and a meal afterwards

Celebrate someone else’s victory with them

Treat a stranger to coffee

Take time to listen to someone's challenges without offering advice

Call an old friend

Smile at everyone and greet them by name

Ask others for their ideas

Have coffee with co-worker

Send a note of thanks, encouragement or praise to a co-worker


Gardening Tip:

Change myself, for the benefit of others – Stop trying to change others. That will never bring about Spiritual growth. It will likely produce weeds in your garden.

For more gardening tips and helpful fruit cultivating tools, check out our gardening tool box.

We would love to hear your gardening successes and tips too. Please post on Facebook or Instagram. We are all in this garden together!


Good God,

Search our hearts, guide our thoughts and direct our actions so that we will bear much fruit.

You are our master gardener! We long to be like you.


See you in the garden,

January 05, 2020 — Leann Maxwell-Muir
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