What if God created your vision board?

A vision board is a collection of images and phrases that collectively represent something you’re hoping to achieve. It’s an illustration of your achieved goal. Vision boards can be incredibly inspiring. Imagine a vision board for your dream vacation. Looking at it every day would motivate you to work towards achieving it.

Vision boards can be used for events, personal achievements, career, or life goals. Regardless of the goal, the purpose of a vision board is to motivate, inspire and potentially help in achieving your goal.

Vision boards encourage personal reflection on values and what’s important to help to imagine the future and what it would look like with attainment of your desired goal.

Popular questions for creating a personal vision board are “What really matters to you? What gives you meaning? Who do you want to be? What makes you happy? How do you want to spend your time? If you could be anything, do anything or have anything what would it be? What do you want to achieve?” All these questions have one thing in common – You. You are at the center of it all. The majority of vision boards are built around self and aimed at achievement.

Our role is not to create a vision for ourselves but to discover and pursue God’s vision for us. He is not at all interested in what we can achieve for ourselves. He’s interested in who we are becoming. God instructs us to live by the Spirit, producing The Fruit of the Spirit to show the world Jesus lives in us, so he can live in them too.

We are a part of a much bigger vision than we could ever imagine. We are to bear witness to Jesus and bring hope to others.

If God created your vision board, it would be a picture of Christ living in you, revealed by the Holy Spirit as Fruit of the Spirit.

Imagine yourself with more Love than ever needed, ample Joy regardless of your circumstances, at Peace with everyone including yourself and God, unlimited Patience for every situation with a willingness to endure long suffering, the ability and desire to show Kindness to everyone all the time, Goodness beyond reproach, unwavering Faithfulness demonstrated in complete obedience to God, Gentleness used to restore others, and effortless Self-Control for resisting all temptations.

Wow! That’s hard to imagine.

That’s God’s vision for all of us. We call it Fruit Vision!

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.                  Galatians 5:22-23 (ESV)

Invite God to create your vision board so everyone who sees you will know, without a doubt, that Jesus lives. When they see him living in you, they will want him to live in them too. This is God’s goal, plan and vision for your life and mine.

Together, let’s bring the hope of Jesus to the world around us, one Fruit at a time!

October 21, 2022 — Leann Maxwell-Muir

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