Fruit Fact: Different fruits grow best in different conditions and seasons.

Each month, we choose to give extra focus to one Spiritual Fruit.

There are nine Fruits and twelve months, so there’s opportunity to choose a few Fruits more than once. Last December, I doubled my Fruit by choosing Joy and Peace. I liked the way they complemented each other and embodied the spirit of Advent. I needed how Joy & Peace work together for this particular Christmas season. It was great! 

There’s no right or wrong way for choosing a Fruit for the month and you don’t have to do them in any special order.


But, much like real fruit, each Spiritual Fruit has unique growing conditions that work best for producing an abundance of fully ripened, luscious Fruit. We’ve all heard the warning: “Don’t pray for Patience” because we know that hardship and challenges work well for producing patience. No one wants to be challenged, but if that’s the season you’re in, Patience will get you through it! So, matching your current season of life with a Fruit that grows well in that season will equip you during the season and produce a bountiful crop!   


Try this 2-step method for choosing the perfect Fruit every month. 

Step 1 – Take time to assess the current climate and season of your life.

 Here’s some sample questions you might ask.  

  • What challenges are you facing?
  • How’s your relationship with God?
  • Are you faced with a major decision right now?
  • What’s your emotional status; disappointed, frustrated, lonely, confident, loved, fulfilled?
  • How are your relationships with others?


Step 2 – As you evaluate the current season of your life, ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in choosing a Fruit. God sent the Holy Spirit to be our helper, but it’s up to us to seek His direction.


John 14:26 (ESV)
But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.


What’s going on in your life (the season) and the Holy Spirit’s guidance will lead you to the perfect Fruit for ripening each month. People that have applied this method often report that the Fruit they chose was the perfect Fruit, exactly what they needed! Most admit they didn’t realize it was what they needed until the end of the month when they looked back on it. Some say, it was the Fruit that chose them!


Once you’ve chosen your Fruit of the Month – Own it! Wear it – on a T-shirt, or bracelet to keep it top of mind and heart. Keep your planner open, where you and others can see it. This will help keep you focused, create accountability and help spread the seeds.


Write a personal prayer to God about your focus Fruit.

If you need help getting started, flip through your planner and find the monthly prayer that focuses on the Fruit you’ve chosen. Look up the scripture referenced at the bottom of the page. Get out your bookmark to review the Fruit definition and scripture. Refer to your Fruit Vision. Now, share your heart with God.


Life Plots are unique areas for cultivating Spiritual growth.

Thankfully, we have more than one life plot in which to Plant, Cultivate and Grow spiritually. Each plot provides a different climate, culture and opportunity for maturing Fruit. For example, the challenges at home stimulate a different emotion and reaction than challenges at work. Fruit can also look and be shared very differently from one plot to another. Faithfulness with friends and family might be seen in a faithful spouse and grown by keeping a promise. In the community, Faithfulness may need to be planted with a commitment to attend Sunday service or join a small group. At work, cultivating Faithfulness could come from showing up to meetings on time or keeping God’s Faithfulness in mind as you build relationships with co-workers. Growing Faithfulness in self, might involve researching all the promises of God. Spiritual Fruit comes in many varieties that can be ripened in many different ways and areas of our life. God wants us to experience them all. Remember, there is no limit to this kind of Fruit!

Dig in!

January 14, 2021 — Leann Maxwell-Muir

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